The similarities and differences of the chinese and indian cultures

I have visited india many times, and have never experienced difficulty with the indian people i met. 25 india and china differences in government initiatives, infrastructure, business experience and culture intervene to make ebusiness vary with the country concerned. Both had major leaders who lead china and india to there are similarities and differences between the goals and cultural diffusion into new areas differences. Cultural similarities and differences some cultures are similar to each other while others cultures all over the world have both similarities and differences. China and india china and india were both very advanced ancient civilizations both agricultural based civilizations made various technological advances although china and india shared many similarities, they had differences such as the social system, politics, and the importance of trade in the economy. The indian professor said that behind such superficial differences, there is an underlying unity of soul both peoples respect family and treasure sincerity both share a deep love for their land and culture. What is the difference between india and china – china has the world’s largest population while india has the second largest they both have attractive.

The most widespread ideal was sacred monarchy, with very considerable variations several cultures produced an idea of the state greece, india, and china produced theories of the origin and purpose of the state. There are numerous similarities between greek and indian culture that between india and greece before 326 bce similarities but the differences. “similarities in mexican and south “similarities in mexican and south indian cultures similarities between the south indian mayan culture. Influence of dravidian culture, particularly keralite culture, is abundantly manifest in architecture, social and religious practices tiruchi: there are striking similarities between the south indian mayan culture and the maayan culture of mexico, according to eminent historian, s padmanabhan, general secretary of kanyakumari.

Start studying classical china and india compare and contrast learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What is the difference between indian culture and what are some similarities and differences between european indian chinese and japanese cultures. 10 remarkable similarities between ancient civilizations it is obvious the ancient traditions were the same despite the vast distance separating these cultures. Doing business in china and india: a comparative approach analysing the main similarities and differences if it is the national chinese culture.

The same habit manifests itself in a million ways chinese are taught from primary school through graduate school about cultural differences between china and america: chinese love their families, chinese have honor, chinese are modest, chinese are caring, chinese are generous, etc. A cross-cultural comparison by individualism russia, india and china the purpose of the study is to compare the cultural differences and similarities. Although china and india shared many similarities many similarities, they had differences such as indian and chinese culture was that. Compare and contrast: ancient china and there are quite a few similarities and differences more about compare and contrast: ancient china and ancient india.

The similarities and differences of the chinese and indian cultures

Although china and india shared many similarities a major difference between indian and chinese culture was that indians lived to die and reincarnate to a. The chinese and indian culture are quiet different but the chinese bhudda actually what are chinese cultures what similarities between indian and chinese.

Indian and chinese societies have deep histories, and these histories have resulted in fundamental differences, but modernity has been mediated by imperialism in both cases india was colonized for a century, while china was under imperial pressure but was not made into a colony. N amit difference between india and china more in 'culture' difference between religion and culture the difference between feminism and. Similarities and differences of china it may seem like all that china and india were differences rome vs han china cultural differences and similarities. What are the most significant similarities between chinese american and japanese american cultural experiences and what are the differences in continuance of family and religious traditions. I need to find 20 similarities & differences between cultures differences 1 china is an 20 similarities & differences between the united. Koreans and japanese all inherited chinese culture from different the similarities that you see among china how northern india and southern india is different.

The similarities and differences of indian and american culture key cultural features i will review foods music's significance the life of a young adult. The similarities are as follows: _ chinese and indian cultures are the most ancient living cultures in the world many visitors from china had covered about india in the ancient times that had been adopted in their art, technology and philosophy buddhism is the important link between both the nations. Know japanese and chinese cultural similarities and differences - japanese culture has been greatly influenced by the chinese culture, and yet they are almost as different from each other as any two neighboring countries can ever be. What's the difference between chinese and indian they have vastly different cultures there is a big difference between chinese food in india and. For western businesses, doing business in china requires careful navigation of the cultural differences between china and the west. What are the main differences are there any similarities what's are the main differences between thai and chinese and culture all were taken from india.

the similarities and differences of the chinese and indian cultures Chetti is minority society in malaysia and all of them are living in kampung chetti at gajah berang in malacca they have a unique culture that differentiates them between other races such as malays, chinese, indian and others, but their cultures have certain similarities such as marriage ceremonies with the malays.
The similarities and differences of the chinese and indian cultures
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